When One Door Closes

We’ve read and heard the tales of couples who try for years to have a baby and then as soon as they divert their attention elsewhere they are hit with it in the belly. This is not that. A few years ago, Hubby and I met with the general doctors and the cancer doctors and the fertility doctors, so we believe that we have a full view of what’s <not> going on in my uterus and, unfortunately; there is no passage through this way.

Recently we’ve just come through a cycle of great decision when we decided to put building a business <together> above all else. For the time being, our entire foreseeable future will be dedicated toward our baby business. We’ve come to terms with this and to be honest, for the first time in a very very long time, we feel like we are in the driving seat again. Fast forward from five or six years ago since we began our very in-deep dive into all the things regarding female anatomy from assisted fertility to high-risk pregnancy complications.

For the thousands of other couples who know this struggle, it’s known to tear people apart. The loss of the opportunity to have a child is recorded in the brain as a loss equal to losing a child. The very real and very painful grieving process will set in and quite likely is the couple will not come out of it together. With the help of our longtime marriage counselor and the much needed support of our closest family, our marriage endured the heartbreak. We are still very much in-love & like with each other and now we are staring down the barrel of a business plan with <hopefully> twenty years ahead of us to raise it right.

About the owners: Hubby and I are both people of trauma with some mental or emotional disturbances which can flare up from time to time. Life is not easy over here but we are doing our part, finding our way, and aligning our stars! We’re working directly with our local neighbors and international travelers to get the full scope of what Peace and Healing means for them. What are we planning for? To build an accessible wellness business, the DIY way! What’s our strategy? Affordable, slow and steady to win, always! What are we playing for? Personal time and financial freedom while paving a way for others who want a life after trauma.

Currently we are under contract in a Las Vegas boutique office complex. We found a great match in our office management team! We are hand in hand with Clark County while they walk us through the entire process of applying for a business license (which, in reality, has turned into three business licenses). We recently found a STEAL of a bargain on some necessary office equipment and personally downsized our vehicles from two to one. Because our budget doesn’t allow for many extras right now, we continue to scour the local maps, markets and ads for more deals & steals that align with our business’ needs. Although it just looks like we’ve drained our savings and continue to put all our extra pennies into the process of approval, we have our sights set on the end result: a local space dedicated for relaxation and healing from daily struggles. Please stay tuned in for our official Opening Day announcement!

Published by Megan Anne Elms, LMT

I am a licensed massage therapist living with PTSD from a previous relationship that was filled with violence and sexual assault. After a decade of focusing on my own sobriety & emotional recovery, I now strive to help women (and men) come back to life from these traumatic circumstances by building a safe practice of touch therapy, aroma therapy and other self care services. My goal is to help bring more awareness to healthy recovery options for the long-term effects of domestic violence & sexual assault. As a trauma-informed licensed professional and volunteer advocate, I am confident that this type of work can bring hope and healing to all that I serve.

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