What is Habitual Healing?

Survival is a mode the body goes to when in need – we are not meant to stay in survival mode for 24/7 until the end of our days. We are meant for comfort in our bodies and peace in our minds. I’ve created the concept of Habitual Healing in an effort to inspire all women to do their best for their SELF; self love, self discovery, freedom, happiness and purpose. I’ve found that through the use of massage and bodywork, including aromatherapy, this can be achieved. Habitual Healing is achieved through the daily efforts we put toward continuously giving back to our bodies in nourishment and proper care.

At this time in my life, I am laser focused on assisting other women come back to life. Through daily habits and beneficial healing practices, the desired outcome is for us women to feel like ourselves in our own skin again (or for the first time ever!!)

To be a VICTORY over self doubt and bodily depreciation.

We only get one body and one life to live in it; I received my license to deliver effective and therapeutic ways to care for and allow healing to happen from the trauma. The path can be bright again and we can look to better days up ahead. I have so much love for my community of women who understand the pain of losing yourself somewhere along the way. Here, at Habitual Healing, I look to acknowledge the past, learn what we can from it, and move on towards a deeper personal connection within our SELF.

Published by Megan Anne Elms, LMT

I am a licensed massage therapist living with PTSD from a previous relationship that was filled with violence and sexual assault. After a decade of focusing on my own sobriety & emotional recovery, I now strive to help women (and men) come back to life from these traumatic circumstances by building a safe practice of touch therapy, aroma therapy and other self care services. My goal is to help bring more awareness to healthy recovery options for the long-term effects of domestic violence & sexual assault. As a trauma-informed licensed professional and volunteer advocate, I am confident that this type of work can bring hope and healing to all that I serve.

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